with AI & AR technology

1/4 of the world vines are non productive

Bad - or unprecise – pruning leads to wood diseases and the death of vines. This reduces yields and grapes quality.

Therefore, you need well trained staff to prune. However, training your staff to prune well takes a lot of resources. Furthermore, most pruning teams have a big turn-over.

That is why training your staff is a recurring and very costly task.

Besides the costs, the required expertise to train pruners is a challenge.

Indeed, industrialisation, extensive mechanical management of vineyards and changes in climate make pruning far more complicated as your plants become more sensitive and crave for a more gentle treatment.

You hence need an expert to correctly train your staff.

Dedicated care for each vine plant, through our “Gentle Pruning” based on Simonit & Sirch know-how

Equip every pruner with our assisted intelligence.

Example of AR glasses using 3D2cut AI pruning software
AR example 01 - Through Glasses

Become a Master pruner - without training.

Our product will guide you through every cut.

We supply you with an Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality (AI/AR) technology to advise you - simply and quickly - on where to cut. We name this “Gentle Pruning”.

This pruning expertise is not just any advice. It represents the codified knowledge of the world’s absolute pruning experts: Simonit & Sirch.

Our solution results in:

  1. Better health for your vines, increasing yields and diminishing the need for chemicals.
  2. Saving money and time on staff training, and reducing the impact of staff turnover.
  3. Reflaming your passion for the management of vineyards with a simplified, less stressful pruning process which is also more sustainable.


Vineyards map

7.2 M

hectares worldwide*

> 1/4

of vines are non productive**

~ 1 M

pruners to equip***

* Source: OIV (Apr 2024)

** Source: Study from Oeno (Jan 2023)

*** Source: 3D2cut + Simonit & Sirch: Approx. 1 million pruners to equip worldwide

Contribute to 7 of the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Our solution has a strong impact on sustainability:

Our solution also has a social impact:

* Such as ‘Sodium Arsenite’ or ‘8-Hydroxyquinoline’. Although these were banned in Europe in 2001, they remain in use in other parts of the world.

Deeptech for precision agriculture

Our “Vine Vision System™”, built with leading edge deep learning AI, is able to look at vines and extract all the important features and layout, just like the eye of a master pruner.

Then, our “Pruning Expert System™” combines proven machine learning algorithms with decades of experience from Master Pruners. It analyses the plant's features, its layout and combines those with the pruning objectives to decide where the cut should be placed.

Finally, using standard electronic equipment and/or Augmented Reality, we display the ideal location of the cuts, to the pruner, for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

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